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To open an account with the Bank, the proposed account holder has to come personally along with the following documents:

  1. Recently taken two passport size photographs.
  2. Photo ID proof like Aadhar Card, Election Card (Voter ID), PAN CARD, driving license or any other ID card issued by the reputed employers or by Govt. institutions
  3. Address proof like telephone bill, Electricity bill, Gas Connection bill, 1st page of the existing bank account pass book, LIC premium receipt, rental agreement, Property tax bill in the name of the account holder
  4. The above documents should be according “KYC” (Know Your Customer) norms as per RBI guidelines
  5. Introduction by an existing account holder of Varachha Bank.

Two Photographs for each person is required in Current Account
Besides the documents stated above for an individual, PAN CARD is compulsory for opening a Current account.
A. Partnership Accounts
In addition to the above, PAN CARD of the firm should be given. Each partner has to give the above stated documents individually. If there is a partnership deed, copy of the deed should be given. If it is registered, registration copy should be given. I f the shop is a licensed one by the local municipal authorities, the license copy should be given. Address proof of the business establishment is also to be given as stated above.
B. HUF accounts
PAN CARD of the HUF should be given. The proof stated above for an individual should be given for every adult member of the HUF. The opening form should be signed by Karta and other Co-parcners (adult members) and the names of minor children should be mentioned in the opening form along with their date of birth
C. Company accounts
In addition the documents related to the individual operating persons, Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate of commencement for Public Ltd. Companies, Specific Resolution in the Company's Board meeting to open an account with our Bank and the names of the authorised persons to operate the account, should be given. Memorandum & Articles of Association of the Company should also be given.
D. Association or Trust
In addition the documents related to the individual operating persons, Certificate of Registration, Specific Resolution in the meeting held by the Association or trust to open an account with our Bank and the names of the authorised persons to operate the account, should be given.

You can place some fixed amount in any of our schemes for a specific period with specific rate of interest. You may have the option to get the interest on the deposits every quarter or with cumulative process of getting the principal after a specified period along with the accumulated interest.Photo 2, photo ID, address proof to be given as stated and PAN CARD is compulsory for deposits above Rs.50000/-

You may apply for a demand draft with the required commission and we are having tie-up arrangements with various private sectors & nationalized banks and the demand draft will be issued payable at any place or places through out India.

Yes. You can do by using our Any Branch Banking system without any additional charge. You can lodge the clearing cheques related to a/c with the particular branch with any of our other branches.

Yes. You can utilise our Mobile Banking and Net Banking Service, by registering at branch.

Yes. You may get password from our officer after giving proof for necessary identification. By using the password, you may have access to your a/c through our VAT machine.

Our Bank is having various loans and credit schemes and depending upon the necessity you may get the loan after the production of necessary documents and securities within a reasonable time.

At regular intervals, you may get your passbooks duly written up through our New Accounts department or with the telephone operator.

You can get your account statement every month on your e-mail (it is compulsory to register your e-mail in your account).

Our Bank is one of the authorised bankers, for stamp franking by the Government of Gujarat (Stamps Department, Gandhinagar). You can get your unsigned documents with franking without any additional charges.

You should immediately notify the Bank about the loss of cheque book or passbook. The stop-payment instructions will be carried for the lost cheques and the duplicate pass book will be issued after debiting the necessary charges in the account. You have to produce satisfactory evidence for your identity.

You can block your Debit cum ATM Card your self by simple SMS,

"VARA LOST your A/c No."  Just send SMS to 91335 74000mobile number from your registered mobile.


you can call 9586644644 (ATM Helpline) or visit Varachha Bank nearest branch.


you can block from Net/Mobile Banking services.

As per the RBI guidelines on Tokenization – Card Transactions: Permitting Card-on-File Tokenization (CoFT) Services, w.e.f. 1st October, 2022, merchants will not be allowed to store your card numbers and expiry dates for processing online transactions. Any existing details that were saved by merchants will be deleted. To ensure continuity and the same ease of online payments for you, we encourage you to tokenize your Debit Card(s) details at your preferred website / apps soon. We, at The Varachha Co-Op Bank Ltd, have ensured appropriate readiness and provisions to seamlessly tokenize your cards for your safety, security and convenience.

What is Tokenization?

Tokenization refers to the replacement of actual card details with a unique identifier called the “token”, which shall be unique for a combination of card, token requester (i.e. the entity which Accepts request from the customer for tokenization of a card and passes it on to the card network to issue a corresponding token) and merchant.


How can I tokenize my card?

You can initiate tokenization request on the merchant app / website and provide your consent. Once you enter card details and initiate transaction, you would be asked to secure your card by providing a one-time consent for tokenization. You can opt for tokenization and complete transaction with OTP. The request will be forwarded to the card network and the token will be issued corresponding to the combination of the card, token requester and the merchant. Below is the step by step process to tokenize your card.

Steps to tokenize your card on merchant platform

Step 1: Visit merchant website or app

Step 2: During checkout enter card details

Step 3: Click on the check box to secure your card

Step 4: Complete the transaction with OTP to tokenize your card

alternatively, for existing saved cards on merchant platform

Step 1: Visit merchant website or app

Step 2: Select saved card and click on secure your card as per RBI guidelines

Step 3: Complete Rs.2 refundable transaction with OTP to tokenize your card


What is the benefit of tokenization?

A tokenized card transaction is considered safer as the actual card details are not stored or shared with the merchant during transaction processing. Previously, merchants were allowed to store card details such as card number and expiry, leaving sensitive information at risk of misuse. Post tokenization, merchants would be storing only the token details and not the card details. Actual card details are only available with the issuer (The Varachha Co-Op Bank Ltd) and network (RUPAY). This means that even if the data ends up getting compromised at the merchant’s end, your card details are safe. Since token is unique per merchant, data compromise at one merchant would not affect other merchants, unlike in the current scenario where customer is advised to replace the card.


What are the charges that the customer needs to pay for availing this service?

The customer need not pay any charges for availing this service.