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ATM Services

Our ATMs offer more than Just Cash Withdrawals

The Varachha Bank is sub-member of NFS and our RuPay Debit cum ATM Card can be operated at more than 1.45 Lacs ATMs.


  • Following Services are available at our ATMs.

Normal Withdrawal

Fast Cash Withdrwal

Green PIN

Balance Inquiry

Mini Statement

Pin Change

Mobile No. Update

Cheque Book Request

Fixed Deposit Request

Inter Branch Fund Transfer

Mobile Recharge

DTH Recharge

  • Eligibility

Any individual having saving bank account with one name or joint holders having instrcutions to withdraw with one signature will able to get Varachha Bank RuPay Debit Card.

If you have current account with sole partenership, or partenership account wherever the withdrawal is permitted with single signature, The RuPay Debit card facility can be enjoyed.

  • Period

The RuPay Debit card is issued for eight year and then it can be renewed.

  • Benifits of ATM for Customer
    • ATM Provides 24 Hours Service.
    • ATM gives convenience to bank's customers.
    • ATM provides services without any error.
    • ATM is very benificial for travelers
    • ATM provides privacy in banking transactions. 


  • Important Tips for Using ATMs   
    • Keep changing your Pin at regular interval..

    • Never share your Pin (Personal Identification Number) of ATM / Debit Card detail to anyone even to your kith & kin or Bank staff.

    • Complete your ATM transaction yourself without getting help from any outsider

    • Ensure that there is no shoulder surfing (looking over by someone shoulder to get information of your Pin) in while performing ATM transaction.

    • Always collect your Debit Card after completing your transaction before leaving the ATM site. In case of failed transaction cancel the transaction and exit.

    • Beware of any unusual thing on card slot. Watch out for any additional device overlaying the key pad or camera is placed to capture key pad. If you suspect anything, please inform any bank branch nearest to you.

    • Avoid using the ATM which is not properly lit during night.

    • Register your Mobile number with Bank to get SMS alerts.

  • Varachha Bank having 10  ATMs (On-site)
        ATM Services  at Our Below Branch
1.  Afill Tower
2.  Katargam
3.  Punagam
4.  Mota Varachha
5.  Sarthana 
6.  Hira Baug
7.  Ved-Dabholi
8.  A K Road
9.  Amroli
10.  Kargil


  • Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions under which the Debit cum ATM Card has been issued mentioned below for your guidance 

Terms used here:

- Bank means The Varachha co-op. Bank Ltd., Surat
- Card means Debit cum ATM Card issued to customer
- Cardholder means customer who has been received Debit cum ATM Card.

The Card:

1. The card is the property of the bank and shall be returned unconditionally and immediately to the bank upon request by the bank.
2. The bank reserves the right to cancel the card and stop its operations unilaterally without assigning any reason.
3. The card is non-transferable.

The Pin:

1. The cardholder shall indemnify /disclose to any person of the personal identification number (pin) at any point of time and under any circumstances whether, voluntarily or otherwise. The cardholder shall not keep any written records of his pin in any place or manner which may enable a third party to use the Debit cum ATM Card.

2. Changing of pin, revision of card limit, change of host branch or replacement of card, etc. shall not be construed as commencement of a new contract.

3. In case of forget ATM PIN, Please visit nearst ATM of Varachha Bank and Choose Green PIN option to set/reset ATM PIN (Charges will be applicable).

Loss of Card:

1. The card holder should immediately notify the branch from where he/she has obtained the card if the card is lost / stolen. The cardholder should change the pin immediately it is accidentally divulged.
2. Any financial loss arising out of unauthorized use of the card till such time the bank records the notice of loss of card will be to the card holder’s account.
3. The cardholders shall intimate, the loss of the Debit cum ATM Card to bank /branch/phone number +91 9586644644 and also to the branch where he/she is maintain the account by way of a written communication during  working hours. On receipt of the lost card information from the customer, head office will hot list the card.
4. In case of lost card you can temporary freez your A/c. for prevent faurd issue, from your registered Mobile No. just send sms VARA LOST Your 14 digits A/c No. and send it on Mobile No.9133574000.

However, bank shall not liable for the transactions happened using the lost card, prior to the hot listing of the card.

Debit customers account:

1. The bank has the express authority to debit the designated account of the cardholder for all withdrawals/ transfers effected using the card as evidenced by bank’s records, which will be conclusive and binding on the card holder.
2. The card holder expressly authorizes the bank to debit the designated account with service charges from time to time.


1. The transaction record generated by the ATM will be conclusive and binding unless found to be otherwise on verification and corrected by the bank. The verified and corrected amount will be binding on the card holder Deposits (cash and/or Cheque etc.) Will be verified by two of officials of the bank and their account will be deemed to be correct. Errors will be notified to the card holder by mail.
2. Outstanding Cheque, dividend draft, dividend warrants etc. will normally be accepted on collection basis/immediate credit subject to bank’s existing term and conditions governing such business.

ATM usages:

The card can be used at the ATM location with the help of the confidential pin. All transactions conducted with use of the pin will be the cardholder is responsibility. The cardholder agrees that he will be allowed to withdraw only a certain amount of cash per transaction per day as determined by bank irrespective of the credit balance in the account(s).This amount will be announced from time to time. Any attempt to violate this limit may lead to withdrawing of his card facility. When the cardholder completes a transaction through an ATM he can opt to receive a printed transaction record i.e. the transaction slip/ATM receipt. The amount of available fund is shown on this ATM receipt when he cardholder uses his card. The cardholder is advised to retain the record of transaction generated by the ATM with him. Cardholder agrees not to attempt to withdraw using the cards unless sufficient funds are available in the account. The onus of ensuring adequate account balances is entirely on the cardholder.

Merchant Location usages:

Bank Debit Cards affiliated to NFS (NPCI) are accepted at all Merchant Establishments displaying Rupay Logo. The Merchant should have an electronic (Point- of- sale) swipe terminal. Usage is permitted up to Rs. 25,000 per day at Merchant locations say, Restaurants, Hospitals, Departmental Stores, Textile outlets; Jewelries etc. present your debit card for payment of the purchase amount. The merchant will swipe the card in the point-of-sale machine for authorization. You will be presented the PIN pad, Key in your PIN at the merchant establishment. After a successful authorization, a charge slip is generated from the POS machine. Ensure for correctness of the amount and sign the charge slip exactly as appearing on the reverse of your card. Collect back your card and your copy of the charge slip. Please retain the charge slip copy till you verify the amount as appearing in your bank statement of account. There are certain exceptional cases where you may be billed extra service charges while making use of your Card with MEs such as Petrol Bunks, Railways, etc. Only if you agree to bear extra charges, you should proceed with the transaction. Such service charges together with the charge slip amount will be debited to your operative account. Please note that since signature verification is essential for debit card transactions you need to be physically present along with your card at the time of purchase. Debit card can be used on the Internet (e-commerce transaction) provided the card is registered with Verified by NPCI Rupay PaySecure.

Closing of accounts:

1. The card holder wishing to close the designated account or surrender the ATM facility will have to fill Form for stop ATM facility.

Validity of card:

1. Cards are valid for 8 years from date of issue. Please note that if the card is used after expiry, it will be either be retained or rejected by the atm.

Range of Services:

1. Balance Enquiry:  Cardholder can see the balance in his accounts linked to ATM card on the screen as well as obtain a transaction receipt showing the balance.
2. Statement of account:  A statement containing the last five transactions in the account can be obtained during the day mode.
3. Deposits (cash / Cheque) (not available at present): Cardholders are requested to deposit cash / Cheque at the ATM located at the branch where they maintain their account only after receipt at the customer’s branch and realization thereof.
4. Change of PIN:  Customers can change their pin by any networked ATM.

Fees and Charges:

The annual fees for the card will be debited to the primary account linked with the card on application / renewal at the bank’s prevailing rate. These fees are not refundable. The cardholder shall maintain at all times such minimum balance in the account, as bank may stipulate from time to time. Bank reserves the right at any time to charge the cardholder for the issue or reissue of a card and any fees/charges for the transactions carried out by the cardholder on the card. Any government charges, duty or debits, or tax payable as a result of the use of card shall be the cardholder’s responsibility and if imposed upon bank (either directly or indirectly),bank shall debit such charge, duty or tax against the account. In addition, operator of shared networks make imposed additional charge for each use of their ATM/POS terminal/other devise, and any such change along with other applicable fees / charges will be deducted from the cardholder’s account. In the situation that the account does not have sufficient funds to deduct such fees, the bank reserves the right to deny any further transactions. In case of accounts classified as overdrawn accounts, the cardholder will have to rectify the account balance position immediately. This charge will be determined by the bank and will be announced from time to time. Details of the applicable fees and charges as stipulated by bank will be displayed on the website and / or at the branches.

Procedure for notifying lost card: -customers should inform the branch which has issued the card in writing immediately

Note: -The bank reserves the right to introduce new facilities or remove existing facilities as and when warranted assigning any reason or the same. However cardholder will be duly advised.