GST No.: 24AABAT4356N1Z6               

Service Charges & Fees


Type Deposit Rs.

Enterance fee
Stationary Charge
and stamp


A 7000 950
B 9000 1050
C 10000 1100
D 11000 1150
E 12000 1200
F 17000 1450
G 25000 1800
H 25000 1800
H1 25000 1800
L1 30000 2050
L2 35000 2300


Debit Card Issue Charge FREE Debit card are issued free of cost (first time)

Annual Maintenace Charge

150/- Rs

Per Year Charge (For Classic Debit Card & Platinum Debit Card)

Debit Card Replacement/Cancellation (Block) Charge

150/- Rs

Reissue/Replacement Charge

Cancellation/Block Charge

ATM Green PIN 100/- Rs New Card PIN Generation with Green PIN will be Free of Cost
Charges for Withdrawal, Balance enquiry
Mini Statement, PIN Change
Transaction @ NFS Bank ATM        (per month)

First 5 transaction are free , After that Rs. 20/- for Financial & Rs. 8/- for Non-Financial (include GST) will be charged per transaction.

Charges, Fees, Commision

DD Issue Charges Rs. 1 to 10000/-
Rs. 10001 to 50,000/-
 Above Rs. 50,000/-
Rs. 50/-
Rs. 100/-
Rs. 2/- Per Thousand
Maximum Charge Rs. 2500/-
Cancellation Charges Rs. 50/-
Pay Order Issue Charges Rs. 1 to 10000/-
Rs. 10001 to 50,000/-
 Above Rs 50,000/-
Rs. 50/-
Rs. 100/-
Rs. 2/- Per Thousand
Maximum Charge Rs. 2000/-
Cancellation Charges Rs. 50/-
Duplicate Issue Charges Cancel Charge + Routine DD Charge + indemnity bond




OUT Station

Cheque Collection

Rs. 1 to 20,000/-

Rs. 20,001/- to 1 Lakh

Above 1 Lakh

 Rs. 100/-

Rs. 200/-

Rs. 250/-

+ Collecting bank charges       


Rs. 1 to 1,00,000/-

Above 1 Lakh

Rs. 250/-

Rs. 2.50 per thousand

Outward Cheque Return Charges

 Rs.100 per Return Instrument

ECS/NACH Return Charges

 Rs. 200/-

Inward Cheque Return Charges

 Minimum Rs.200 per Return Instrument  or 21% Inward return cheque amount whichever is Higher

Cheque Clearance Interest

In case of account having insufficient Balance at the time of Inward clg posting then after customer credit amount has account from any way than required amount will be charged @ 21%

IBC, OBC, Builty Return Charges

Rs. 250/- + Postage Charge

NACH Registration Charges

 Rs. 300/-
ECS debit minimum balance

 Rs. 5,000/- on Savings A/C

 Rs. 10,000/- on Current A/C

Cheque Charges

Chequebook issue charge rs. 2/- per cheque 

(first 9 cheque free)

Cheque Stop Payment Charges 

Rs. 25/- per cheque

Rs. 400/- maximum on Current A/c (Per Day)

Rs. 200/- maximum on Saving A/c (Per Day)

Account Close Charges

Saving a/c Rs. 100/-  (up to 6 month Rs. 250/-)

Current a/c Rs. 150/- (up to 6 month Rs. 500/-)

Duplicate Issue Charges

Passbook Rs. 100/-,

FD Certi. Rs. 100/- + Indemnity Bond

Share Certi Rs. 100/- + Indemnity Bond,

Chequebook Counter Rs. 50/-

Stationary Charges (Current a/c)

Rs. 200/- and Rs. 0.50/- per entry.
Account Statement Charges

First time free, than after first page Rs. 25/- and than Rs. 10/- per page

(Free from Net/Mobile Banking)

Bank Guarantee Issue Charges

Rs. 500/- minimum up to Rs. 25,000/-

than Rs. 20/- per thousand

Maximum Charge Rs. 20,000/-

Solvency certificate Issue Charges

Rs. 2/- per thousand

minimum Rs. 250/-

maximum Rs. 2000/-

Balance certi., Account certi., No Due certi., NOC

+ Any Certi./Report Charges

Rs. 100/-

Sign. Verification Charges

Rs. 150/-
Cash Transaction Charges

No charge for cash receipt

In case of cash payment upto 10 lakh No charge

Above 10 lakh Rs.50/- per lakh Maximum Rs. 2000/-

SMS Charges

Rs. 10/- per Quarter

Sign. Change Charges

Rs. 100/-

Lost Token Charges

Rs. 500/-
Change Quatation Charges

up to 5 Lakh Rs. 250/-

Above 5 Lakh Rs. 500/-

Locker Breack Open Charges

Rs. 500/- + charge for godrej company extra

Foreign Payment Charge

Up to Rs. 1 Lakh - Rs. 500/-,

Rs. 1 Lakh to above Rs. 1000/-

+ Processing Bank Charges


* GST will be extra taken along with charge

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