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Reg. No: SA 2914 Dated : 27 Jan. 1995
License No: UBD Guj-1153 P Dated : 01 July 1995

Over Draft

Eligibility of borrower * Having operative current account  holder of the Bank   for more than six months.
* Having good reputation and Credit worthiness and profit making firm.
* Borrower/ Partners/ Directors/ Guarantors must be a   member of the Bank.
Purpose of Loan  To meet Working capital Requirement
Quantum of finance       * 20% of  annual turnover/ sales of the firm and  Up to  80% of value of mortgaged property,whichever is less.    
* Current Ratio & Debt Equity Ratio should be at satisfactory level
Share Linkage Borrower must have Bank share linkage @ 1% of the loan sanction  amount.
Repayment period   Review once in 6 Months and  renewal  in 12 Months
Rate of Interest   12.50%
Security Prime:
* Simple mortgage of title cleared property,own occupied of the borrower /   guarantor
* Third party guarantee of two personal guarantors  having good Credit worthiness and  financially sound  and member of the
* Hypothecation of stocks and book debts in favour of   the Bank